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NIMAN’s membership is built of passionate supporters of our mission across the broad spectrum of classical music. Through collaboration with the robust network of our members who provide programs and opportunities along all stages of the developmental bridge, we can ensure that aspiring BIPOC musicians are supported throughout their musical journey and that equity, inclusion, and diversity are embedded in the future of our field.

Active Program Members
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Astral is a nonprofit intensive mentoring program that focuses on developing the early careers of extraordinary classical musicians. Since its founding in 1992, Astral has specialized in identifying high-caliber and independent-thinking musicians with the potential to be artistic leaders, building the future of classical music.
NIMAN Founding Member

Music, like all art, engages the mind and the heart. Bard College Conservatory of Music’s mission is to provide the best possible preparation for those dedicated to a life immersed in the creation and performance of music. The Bard Conservatory offers unparalleled musical opportunities for its students in a just, inclusive, and diverse community.
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Brevard Music Center stands as one of this country’s premier summer training programs and festivals. In a rigorous and empowering program of instruction and professional performance, students and faculty create a powerful sense of community. Passion, commitment, and excellence are signatures of Brevard’s summer programs.

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Born out of the desire to foster cultural curiosity, Castle of our Skins is a concert and educational series dedicated to celebrating Black artistry through music. From classrooms to concert halls, Castle of our Skins invites exploration into ​Black heritage and culture, spotlighting both unsung and celebrated ​figures of past and present.

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Chicago Musical Pathways Initiative identifies and develops gifted and motivated orchestral students from underrepresented backgrounds for acceptance into top-tier conservatory, college, or university classical music programs in preparation for careers as professional musicians. Musicians are provided with comprehensive supports to succeed.
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One of America’s finest and most versatile ensembles, the internationally acclaimed CSO attracts the best musicians, artists and conductors to Cincinnati. The CSO is passionately committed to music education and to building meaningful diversity and inclusion in the field. The CSO serves as NIMAN’s Incubator Organization.
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One of the premier conservatories in the country, The Cleveland Institute of Music believes a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment leads to excellence in educating musicians and accomplishing the CIM mission and vision.  The Institute’s diverse talent tapestry uniquely positions CIM as the future of classical music.
NIMAN Founding Member

The Colburn School’s all-scholarship model attracts the highest level of talent from around the world. It is home to many programs that seek to address systemic access barriers to world-class musical training and provides students equitable opportunities to develop excellence on their instrument.
NIMAN Founding Member

INTEMPO offers children the opportunity to express themselves artistically through traditional and classical music . We are committed to connecting the dots between intercultural music education and its influence on the socioemotional and intellectual development of children. We offer a repertoire that reflects the diversity of our students’ cultures and communities.
NIMAN Founding Member

A global destination for artists and arts enthusiasts, Interlochen Center for the Arts nurtures creativity through five dynamic platforms. Since 1928, Interlochen’s mission to inspire people worldwide through excellence in the arts and education has produced generations of purposeful creative lives. At Interlochen, we are united through the universal language of the arts.
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The Iris Artist Fellowship Program is a ten-month, full-time opportunity including a professional training program designed to assist rising musicians develop a portfolio of skills with which to build successful careers in music. Iris Artist Fellows participate in community engagement programs that focus on social and emotional learning through music, mentorship, inspiration, and social equity.

Founded in 1981, Javacya Arts Conservatory (JAC) is a college preparatory institute for ages 3 to 18. A leading advocate for diversity and inclusion in the performing arts in the States and abroad, JAC provides life developing opportunities through formal training and discipline through music. Javacya exists to provide a safe space for BIPOC students to take advantage of quality music education.
NIMAN Founding Member

Make Music NOLA creates equity, access, and opportunity for students from marginalized communities through full scholarship music instruction. MMN strives to provide 400 students with high quality music education, access to instruments, opportunities to work with guest artists, and the chance to perform around the city.
NIMAN Founding Member

Merit students, who reflect the socioeconomic and ethnic diversity of Chicago, have the rare opportunity to learn together, teach each other, experience the transformative power of music, and broaden their horizons as they grow and build inspiring lives through music. Virtually 100 percent of our graduates go on to conservatory or college.
NIMAN Founding Member

Miami Music Project uses music as an instrument for social transformation, empowering children to achieve their full potential. Emerging as a model for music education programs nationally, Miami Music Project offers free of charge, after-school programming to all students with no barriers to entry, regardless of race or economic status. 

MYCincinnati’s mission is to use ensemble-based music as a vehicle for youth development and community engagement by providing children with access to free, intense, high-quality music education. MYCincinnati is committed to embedding anti-racist practices at all levels and believes that music is a social right for all people.
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The University of Maryland’s National Orchestral Institute + Festival brings together aspiring orchestral musicians from across the country for a month of dynamic music-making and professional exploration at The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center and in the College Park, MD community. Through a partnership with Naxos records, the NOI+F Orchestra recorded an album of American music that was released in more than 40 countries worldwide and earned a Grammy nomination.
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Founded in 1865 and situated amid the intellectual and creative vitality of Oberlin College, the Oberlin Conservatory of Music is the oldest continuously operating conservatory in America and the only major music school dedicated primarily to the education of undergraduate musicians. Oberlin opens a world of possibilities: mentorship from esteemed faculty, exposure to transformative programs and visiting artists, and countless opportunities to perform.
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Based in New York City, Opportunity Music Project is dedicated to creating a community where all children, regardless of economic background, can pursue their passion for music and gain the valuable personal and collaborative skills associated with the rigors of learning an instrument. Devoted to creating equal access for every child in to learn an instrument and with an emphasis on community service, OMP is committed to remedying the inequity that is endemic to the classical music world.
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The Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University comprises both the degree-granting Peabody Conservatory and the community-facing Peabody Preparatory, empowering musicians and dancers from diverse backgrounds to create and perform at the highest level. Building on its rich history as America’s first conservatory, Peabody extends the power of the performing arts and robust artistic training throughout the greater Baltimore community and around the world. 

The PMAY Artists’ Initiative supports 5th-12th graders from communities that are underrepresented on the symphony orchestra stage and those who encounter hardships to realize their musical potential and ultimately pursue their dream of becoming professional classical musicians. The PMAY Artists’ Initiative’s long term goal is to increase diversity in America’s professional musical landscape, promoting equity, vibrancy, and sustainability.
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Founded in 2011 by Stanford Thompson and Carole Haas Gravagno, Play On Philly (POP) provides children from underserved communities in Philadelphia a transformative music education experience that develops and inspires the behaviors and personal skills needed for a successful life. Our tuition-free, intensive program is a vehicle for both healthy self-expression and achievement, and social and academic development. We strive to engage the entire community, in Philadelphia and beyond.
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SOUNDS Academy is a non-profit music education organization that teaches, mentors, and provides musical experiences and opportunities for underserved youth. Through music, students learn the character values of creativity, leadership, perseverance, resilience, and teamwork. The vision of SOUNDS Academy is to provide music education opportunities to a wide variety of children while removing any barriers that children may have in receiving quality music education.

Soundscapes is an organization that provides music education and performance opportunities to students on the Virginia Peninsula from 1st grade through age 25 through free instruction throughout the school year and summer. Soundscapes believes in the power of music education to change lives and instills transformative life skills in under-resourced children in their community, using intensive music study and frequent ensemble performances as a medium.
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The Gainesville Orchestra strives to entertain, enrich, and educate a diverse and broad-based audience through the presentation of quality programs in traditional and contemporary repertoire. Music nourishes our souls, comforts our spirits, and provides unique opportunities for us to come together. The orchestra possesses a history of collaboration. For over three decades, The Gainesville Orchestra has been part of the cultural vitality of Alachua County.
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The Yale School of Music is a graduate school that serves approximately 200 students in degree programs on the Masters and Doctoral Level as well as the Artist Diploma. The Yale School of Music offers a full tuition scholarship and stipend to each admitted student. The School fosters a vibrant musical environment where graduate-level performers and composers realize their highest artistic potential with an internationally distinguished faculty.
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