Luzerne Music Center

At a glance:

  • Luzerne Music Center offers students opportunities for chamber music, orchestral training, and music theory and rhythm courses.
  • Luzerne offers junior and senior sessions, determined by age. Students ages 9-18 study at Luzerne. Senior session students train with musicians from The Philadelphia Orchestra for one week.
  • More than 30 student and faculty concerts take place each summer on campus and in the community.


Luzerne Music Center invites more than 150 talented musicians from all over the world to its campus each summer. Each day is filled with musical activities, with time dedicated to recreational activities as well! Focusing on a comprehensive musical experience, students have chamber music, orchestra rehearsals, theory classes, and lessons in addition to concerts and group classes. The schedule is designed to be musically immersive and enriching.

Faculty at Luzerne have dynamic performing and teaching careers, and are committed to student growth and musical flourishing. In addition to technical and musical development, many also prioritize developing practice skills, goal setting, and posture. Everyone at Luzerne shares a vision to learn, foster, and grow a musical voice. 

Junior session students can attend a two- or four-week program that designed to help them achieve a greater musical foundation. The senior-session is four weeks of musical demanding studies. In the final week, The Philadelphia Orchestra is in residence to give masterclasses, lead sectionals, and coach small ensembles. Extended programs are also available for advanced students.  

Learning through watching and listening is also a highlight at Luzerne. Each week presents two chamber music concerts featuring Luzerne Faculty and world-renowned guest artists. Off-campus trips to the Saratoga Performing Arts Center are also arranged, where students can watch ensembles such as the New York City Ballet and The Philadelphia Orchestra.

While musical training fills most of the day, time is also made for outdoor activities and recreation, including kayaking, sailing, and a softball game against the Philadelphia Orchestra Firebirds at the end of the senior session.

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