NIMAN’s Board of Directors was elected from a phenomenal slate of candidates nominated by our Founding Members. Our Board’s expertise and leadership will shape and sustain our work to create a level playing field in classical music. Board members represent programs and organizations that support aspiring BIPOC musicians at each pivotal stage of their musical journey.

Michael Angell

The Paul M. Angell Family Foundation, Director of Performing Arts Grants

Dr. Angell is a passionate advocate of inclusion in music throughout the educational spectrum. An expert in nonprofit development and arts program evaluation, he draws from his diverse background to create and support innovative arts programs.

Abra Bush

The Peabody Institute at Johns Hopkins University, Senior Associate Dean of Institute Studies

For more than 20 years, Dr. Bush has spearheaded initiatives in higher education and community arts programs to ensure student success. She also works with leaders and executives to help their organizations reach their potential and achieve catalytic change. 

Mark Churchill

El Sistema USA, Founding Director

Dr. Churchill has advocated for and supported BIPOC classical musicians throughout his career. He is an avid advocate for the improvement and expansion of music education programs in American Schools.

Anjoli Ferrara-Clayton, NIMAN Board Secretary

Symphonicity, Board Member and Violinist

Throughout both her music and legal careers, Ms. Ferrara-Clayton has been dedicated to paving the road to equality and understands the challenges in that mission. She melds her legal background with her performance experience to champion inclusion in music. 

Jeri Lynne Johnson

Black Pearl Chamber Orchestra, Founder and Artistic Director

Ms. Johnson has broken barriers in Europe and the US as the first African-American woman on the podium. Through her work with Black Pearl Chamber Orchestra and DEI Arts Consulting, she is a leading innovator in social justice and racial equity in classical music.

Jenny Snyder Kozoroz

Brevard Music Center, Program Director

Ms. Kozoroz has dedicated her life to making music and to helping those around her pursue their creative passions for self-expression and community. Her enthusiasm for developing curriculum, outreach, and unique activities geared to DEIB are matched by her commitment to underrepresented students and families.

Kenneth Law

Main Street Music Studios, Cellist and Educator

Throughout his 30+ year career as a performer, educator, and author, Mr. Law has been a passionate advocate for BIPOC and women composers. He is dedicated to the education of young performers, adults, and teachers.

Katherine Drago Luellen

Interlochen Center for the Arts, Executive Dean of Enrollment Management

Ms. Luellen is a proven leader with an unparalleled ability to understand and meet the needs of prospective students and their families. She is dedicated to creating partnerships, funding sources, and pathways for students to music training programs. 

Jonathan Martin, NIMAN Board Vice-Chair

Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, President and CEO

Mr. Martin is a highly accomplished executive with management success and a passionate leader with a focus on inclusion and artistic excellence. He champions providing opportunities for underrepresented musicians while fostering more inclusive environments in the orchestral industry.

Dwight McGhee, NIMAN Board Treasurer

Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, President of the Board of Trustees

Mr. McGhee is an active supporter, advisor, and leader in the field of classical music. He is passionate about drawing from his experience in arts nonprofits and his military service to advance BIPOC musicians to professional careers in classical music.

Edgar L. Smith Jr.

World Pac Paper, LLC, Founder, Chairman, and CEO

Mr. Smith is a champion of diversity initiatives and is driven to better support musicians of color in the classical music field. In addition to his entrepreneurial endeavors, he has served on several corporate boards and is an avid and engaged community leadership volunteer. 

Stanford Thompson, NIMAN Board Chair

Play On Philly, Founder and Executive Director

Mr. Thompson believes that music education is a powerful tool for positive personal and community change. He has consulted for music institutions nationwide to develop strategies and initiatives to provide equitable access to the arts.

Stefanie Wakeman

Astral Artists, Director of Community Partnerships

Ms. Wakeman bridges the worlds of classical music, social justice, and equity through a lens of education. Her background in social work informs her use of classical music to recognize, create, and build equity, weaving music into the healing and health of communities.

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