Interlochen Arts Camp

At a Glance:

  • Interlochen’s summer programs are open to pre-high and high school students with many different focuses, such as orchestra and chamber music.
  • Programs run 1, 3, 4, and 6-weeks.
  • Interlochen’s programs are mid-high intensity.


Interlochen Center for the Arts is a global destination for artists and arts enthusiasts with a mission to inspire people worldwide through excellence in the arts and education. With a dedication to creating a community centered around the arts that transcends backgrounds and beliefs, Interlochen’s summer programs allow young artists to transform artistically and personally. 

Because Interlochen has multiple areas of study, students have many different ensemble opportunities. Students in the advanced string quartet program have daily coachings and seminars, weekly private lessons, and masterclasses with guest artists and quartets-in-residence. You’ll experience the joy of learning, bonding and performing with your quartet, building trust, leadership, and personal accountability. Students also participate in orchestral ensembles, building musical relationships with many peers.

Students in the solo intensive programs study the full breadth and depth of their instruments. In addition to preparing solo literature for performances, students collaborate in small ensemble groups and play with full orchestras. The orchestral program allows students to tackle professional-level repertoire under the direction of world-renowned conductors. By training with professional conductors and talented students, students have fun getting better at doing what they love. Students build technique, performance, and audition abilities, unlocking their potential and bolstering their confidence.

Interlochen’s superb faculty bring real-life experience and laser-focused attention to support your development and help you to breakthrough to the next level. Many have toured the world in prestigious ensembles, held professorships at top-rated universities and conservatories, and have made their mark as orchestra players and soloists. Through mentorship and artistic excellence, they inspire the next generation of artists.

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