Green Mountain Chamber Music Festival

At a glance:

  • Green Mountain Chamber Music Festival is an opportunity for committed musicians to dedicate themselves to developing their solo playing and honing their chamber music skills
  • High school, college, and graduate age musicians spend four weeks on the shore of Lake Champlain.
  • Green Mountain is an opportunity for emerging artists to flourish in an atmosphere of focused professionalism in a supportive community.


A four-week rigorous program, Green Mountain is a program that focuses on solo development and chamber music. Each day provides four hours of individual practice and chamber music rehearsals along with lessons, coachings, masterclasses, and workshops. This immersive musical experience makes a significant impact on students’ level of performance. Chamber music is at the heart of Green Mountain, and each group is organized with care to provide the best experience exploring chamber repertoire. Players and personalities are matched so that each musician can enjoy the process of musical growth.

Built into the student experience are opportunities to explore the Vermont outdoors. Highlights include strawberry picking, hiking, and exploration of the beaches of Lake Champlain. At Green Mountain, you’ll forge relationships with your chamber ensemble and peers, including communicating with your ensemble before the Festival starts to choose your piece, with guidance from your coach and the Artistic Director. 

Green Mountain’s faculty hail from prominent universities and orchestras and have dynamic performing careers, both in the United States and abroad. They are committed to helping students to develop as both musicians and advocates for their art. Student outreach performances take place in non-traditional venues throughout the area and region, instilling music into the community. 

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