Boston University Tanglewood Institute

At a glance:

  • BUTI is an intensive program with multiple study options.
  • In the 2-week workshops, you’ll immerse yourself in your craft and learn from the best in the field in small group settings
  • The Young Artists Program is a more intensive 6-week program where make music at the highest level in an artistic environment without parallel!
  • You’ll be able to study with musicians from the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Tanglewood Music Center.
  • BUTI is open to students between the age of 14-20. To be eligible for the young artist program, you may not have yet begun college.


The Boston University Tanglewood Institute is designed to help you become as dynamic and versatile a musician as possible. You’ll hone your craft in a small group setting, focusing on the fundamentals of technique and musicianship. Through masterclasses, lessons, and academic classes with new friends, you’ll have an unforgettable summer.

Through BUTI’s relationship with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, students have the opportunity to learn and grow through intensive programming in the presence of some of the world’s greatest music professionals and teachers. BUTI’s faculty include members of some of the country’s finest orchestras and chamber ensembles, and many teach at prestigious conservatories and universities. BUTI students can attend almost all of the BSO’s and Tanglewood Music Center’s concerts each summer. Many of BUTI’s alumni have gone on to prolific performing careers with ensembles including the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, and the National Symphony Orchestra. 

The Young Artists Instrumental Program is a more intensive 6-week program where students experience high-quality training through individual lessons, master classes, academic rigor, and preparation for college and professional playing. In addition to orchestral repertoire classes, guest lectures, lessons, and performance classes, the elective courses range from intro to recording technology to the composers of the African Diaspora.

You can expect a transformational summer of music making and growth, stepping outside your comfort zone to challenge yourself, broaden your perspective, and forge bonds that last a lifetime. BUTI is also committed to supplementing your studies with resources including health and wellness, practice tips, and academic advancement in topics such as music theory.

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